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Cellular subcompartments through cytoplasmic streaming




Cytoplasmic steaming in the fungal hypha

Published work

Cytoplasmic streaming is common in diverse eukaryotic cell types and is especially important for communication and resource distribution in large cells. In this work we uncover a novel function for cytoplasmic streaming in the Neurospora model system. Using live cell imaging we find that flow engenders cytoplasmic heterogeneity in the form of microfluidic eddies. Nuclei can be immobilized in these eddies, where they differentiate and appear to play a role in stabilising flow-stressed septal pores. Together, our data show how cellular subcompartments can be self-organised as a consequence of cytoplasmic streaming. Because regimented streaming also occurs in plants and animals, biochemical heterogeneity caused by flow could be widely exploited to pattern activities of the cell.

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